16 Jul 2012
July 16, 2012

Our Belief

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We believe that the only way to excite a child’s interest in learning the Chinese language is through an understanding and love for the Chinese culture. Having an interest is the only way to promote passion to learn the language more efficiently and effectively.

We believe that every child is unique and shines in his/her parents’ heart like a Bright Star. Besides promoting an appreciation of Chinese culture, we also endeavor to help them develop their self-confidence and sense of pride.

As a Chinese idiom goes, a person is easily influenced by his/her environment. We therefore create a wholesome, book-friendly environment to inspire the child to acquire a love for reading and to becoming a knowledgeable, cultured and well-mannered person.

We understand that in every parent’s heart, character building of the child and his/her conduct is of utmost importance while academic result is secondary. There is a saying that, intelligence coupled with good character leads to contribution to society. On the other hand, intelligence coupled with bad character can potentially bring great damage to the society. As such, we place great priority and care in helping a child develop good moral character. It is our goal that every child at Bright Star not only excels in language learning, but to become his/her parent’s pride and joy and the pillar of our society in time to come.