About Us

small ogoPusat Tuisyen Bright Star Sdn Bhd (Bright Star Chinese Education), is an organization that strive to promote the Chinese art and culture. Among the 20 different types of courses available to infants, children and parents are Chinese language, pinyin, poetry readings, theater, origami paper cutting, calligraphy painting, dancing, abacus, Chinese chess and Chinese culture music. Based on the implementation of our system in teaching for the past 5 years the children who had enrolled in our courses were able to master Chinese language.

In the 4 years our learning program, Children will come across nearly 4,000 different Chinese words, which does not only meets the pre-school standards in China, but also exceeds the basic standard of local primary schools. Unique teaching materials and methods such as self-composed songs, cartoon characters, reading books and multimedia audiovisual learning tools will be used in the process. Our learning center’s main target group will be ranging from eight-month old babies to pre-school children. Students of higher ages are welcomed too. We also provide the chance for parents to learn and bond together with their children.

In addition, students will get the opportunity to go to different places of China annually to experience the local culture and arts because we recognize the importance of linking theory with practice.

We firmly believe that every child is a star, every teacher is a star. Our couplet: Stars Honor, Good Books! Study hard, brilliant! Streamer: star-studded.

Our Services

  • Chinese Education.
  • Chinese Culture and Art.
  • Child’s Confidence Building.
  • Child’s Moral Character Development.