Our Teachers

  1. Our Founder – Teacher Wang Xiao Xian

    Teacher WangGraduated from ZheJiang Jinhua Normal college (JinHua city, ZheJiang province, China), Teacher Wang has been in the education field for 28 years. She started her career in Lan Jiang Elementary School (Lanxi City, ZheJiang province, China). Besides  winning numerous accolades for her exceptional talent in singing and literature, her dedication and aptitude as an educator made the school widely known and earned her a reputation as a first-class teacher in local elementary education.

    A new chapter in her life began in 2002, when Teacher Wang married her Malaysian husband and moved to Malaysia. After the birth of her son in 2006, Teacher Wang ventured into Early Childhood Education, where she joined Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning. She headed the Mandarin Departments of their two branches in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Her teaching and management experience in the next six years there further developed her passion for Early Childhood Education.  She not only gained new skills, she also earned the respect and love of her students and their parents. She became widely known in the local preschool education arena and her reputation grew from strength to strength.

    Education has always been Teacher Wang’s great passion. Her greatest dream is to make her effective and fun system of learning Mandarin available to as many children as possible. Teacher Wang took five years to design, implement and test the effectiveness and efficiency of her very own teaching materials. She used the system on her own children and saw phenomenal results. By the age of three, her son was able to recognize more than a thousand Chinese characters. This proves the fact that children have no difficulty recognizing Chinese characters. A child’s mind is able to differentiate different patterns and recognize characters naturally after being exposed to them. Besides, children find it fun and interesting to know and pick up the different intonations of each Chinese character. Thus, there should not be any mental stress in learning Chinese characters. In fact, she successfully taught many children from different races who wished to learn Mandarin as a second language. These children coped well despite having no prior exposure to Mandarin.

    The support and recognition from the parents encouraged Teacher Wang to rise up to the challenge of making her dream come true. She started to work on her own preschool learning centre – Bright Star, She hired professionals to copyright her teaching materials, design the logo, theme, Bright Star cartoon characters, as well as the learning songs which were all written by her. Her dream is for each and every child to have the greatest learning experience ever!

    Teacher Wang believes that each and every child is a star and shines in his or her own unique way. She believes that unlimited potential and creativity can only be achieved through passion and love! A conducive learning environment is also essential to helping each child achieve their highest potential.

    We strongly believe, and are confident that under her leadership and guidance, the team will be filled with passion and love. We will support each other in our quest to continuously improve. Positive energy creates a positive environment! Let ethnic outstanding cultural heritage carry forward and shine in this world!

  2. Loke Jee Der

    She received her Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education; and Masters in Special Education from University of Malaya. She has been teaching in various nursery schools, preschools, and special need centres. She is the Life Member for the National Association of Special Education, Malaysia. She is always taking initiative to attend the workshop, doing a lot of reading on helping children. She has also published many books on educational material and had published two articles on Special Education.

    She also has taught children with autism, slow learner, cerebral palsy, and others in several school districts and special need centres. It has always been her passion to help each child discover their individual gifts and talents and to reach their full potential. She feels more attention should be focused on their gifts rather than on their deficiencies.

    She truly believes that children with disability really benefit from early intervention – the earlier, the better. Teaching a child with special need can seem challenging at first, but when we know the best ways to help them learn, we can help them succeed. Her loving, enthusiastic and passionate personality brings every lesson of learning meaningful, interesting as well as creative. In her mindset, she firmly believes that every child is unique; every child can learn; every child deserves to receive the best education possible.

  3. Reine Ng

    Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Open University Malaysia (OUM). She has a total of 13 years working experience in the education line. With her passion in education field, she has achieved numerous career achievements and recognition.

    She specializes in tailoring teaching methodologies to accommodate individuals for local and international students. In addition, she is also an expert in education delivery and encourages active learning environments. Her passion in education has enabled her to excel teaching capabilities with proven knowledge delivery.

  4. Yaasoda Paramasivam

    She has graduated from Roehampton University London with a Bachelor of Education in Arts. Started teaching in an international school as language teacher. She had opportunity to teach children aged from 4 years old up to 16 years old. She has experienced teaching languages, arts & craft, physical education as well as dance. She has also experienced in terms of conducting IGCSE exams for middle school students. She has then continued her career as a centre coordinator for a workplace childcare centre. This was the place where she was more involved towards management, organization as well as designing curriculum. Now she is attached to Bright Star Education as a bilingual teacher. It has been always her dream to secure a teaching career and teaching the younger generation. With the support and guidance from Teacher Wang, she believe she will become a better teacher who young children look up to, someone who children can trust and as an individual who will always go “extra mile” to ensure the success of every child.

  5. Intan Hafiz

    IntanI have been working as a teacher for more than 12 years in various educational institutions. I have worked with local and international students – from children as young as 18 months to pensioners who are past the age of 60.

    In my experience, I have seen how artistic and creatives have made students better learners. I have also seen how institutions which genuinely care about the development of their students have helped students grow as individuals.

    I am working now with Xiaoxian to provide an environment that will support students of any age in their learning. We hope that our learners achieve what they enrol for AND also develop other life skills that make them better individuals.

    Intan graduated from the University of Warwick (BEd.) and The University of Western Australia (MEd.). She is currently working on her postgraduate thesis, while lecturing in a private local college. Her passion includes teacher training and life-long learning.