Bright Star Datong Preschool, Desa Sri Hartamas (Kuala Lumpur) is a newly developed education brand that belongs to Bright Star Chinese Education. The founder, Ms Wang, believes that if we work together to nurture civic virtues among all, we can create a peaceful and harmonious society. To do so, we must start at an early age; the preschool provides wholesome academic programmes that encompass the teachings of respect, kindness, compassion and gratitude.

The preschool’s curriculum has a unique emphasis on teaching students about the Chinese language and culture, as well as the practice of joyous giving and compassion. All this was inspired by the ancient Chinese book named Di Zi Gui, which means the standards of being a good student and child. The main outline of this book is based on the teachings of the legendary Chinese philosopher, Confucius. Even though the principles stem back to about two thousand five hundred years ago, they are still very much relevant today. And the team at Bright Star Chinese Education Preschool shares the same beliefs: Children who attend preschool here must first learn to be dutiful to their parents, and be equally loving and respectful to the people around them. Only after, should the child further his studies to improve his life and those in the society.


  • Inspiring a better world through education
  • Wholesome early childhood programmes
  • Encompasses the teachings of respect, kindness, compassion and gratitude
  • Fun learning
  • School readiness skills
  • Vegetarian meals

Understanding that a solid early childhood education sets children up for success in the future, Bright Star Chinese Education Preschool strives to provide an enriching educational experience that will support children towards academic achievement, while fostering their character development and social skills. The preschool’s curriculum is a comprehensive one that covers all main areas of learning, including English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Science, Mathematics, social-emotional development, physical movement and more.

“In our theme-based lessons, we incorporate lots of fun activities, since children have this impulse to play due to their natural desire to understand the world,” Ms Wang talks us through the teaching approach that is used in the preschool. “Our teachers create a variety of hands-on opportunities to help children learn letters, numbers, and distinguish sounds, shapes and colours. We also have learning corners like an art area, a dramatic play area, and reading nook, among others. Every day is bound to be enjoyable for the little ones. While it’s all fun and games, we do make sure children are on track with their academic and developmental milestones; we ensure they are developing holistically, building confidence and motivation, practicing cognitive skills, and preparing well to go to primary school.”

“Also, we introduce children to the beauty of traditional Chinese music and culture through folk songs, classical music instruments, festivals and stories,” adds Ms Wang.

At Bright Star Chinese Education Preschool, children learn in small class sizes, where teachers can offer individualised attention, and children can build meaningful relationships with each other. Within this safe, nurturing environment, children learn beyond letters and numbers; they stay grounded in gratitude, respect and love; they become aware of their own behaviour and how it affects others, and cultivate virtues.

On a side note, the preschool serves hearty, vegetarian meals its students. “Most parents told us they had a difficult time coaxing their children into eating vegetables at home, especially the younger ones who tend to have picky appetites. However, children love their veggies now ever since coming to preschool,” shares Ms Wang.

The team at Bright Star Chinese Education Preschool comprises passionate educators who are dedicated to bringing solid early learning programmes to children, and imbuing them with noble qualities. They hope that in this way, future generations will benefit from it, and our society at large will be more harmonious, and everyone will have a better place to live in.

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